Become Involved

We are keen for you to join our society and to share in the learning and social activity. To join The Arts Society Falmouth or to find out more, either email us at membership@theartssocietyfalmouth.org, phone the membership secretary on 01872 870536 or download a Registration Form. Please read below about Registration and Membership.

Please note if you click on the email link and it does not automatically open up a new email for you, you can send an email in your usual way addressed to membership@thearstsocietyfalmouth.org

Membership benefits

Review Jazz edition 2008

We currently have around 400 members and this allows us to select from the best lecturers available. The Membership Year runs from September to June with an Annual Subscription Fee of £44 per person, which entitles you to attend all 10 lectures for free and to be a member of The Arts Society.

If you join mid-year you can register (the registration fee is £10) and pay a pro-rata amount of the Annual Subscription Fee to cover the lectures remaining on the lecture programme. You will then automatically become a full member of The Arts Society the next Membership Year upon renewing your subscription.

Membership of The Arts Society Falmouth entitles you to:

Review 50th Anniversary
  • Attend our monthly lecture programme
  • Participate in Study days and Visits (additional charges apply)
  • Bring guests to lectures
  • Receive The Arts Society Membership Card, Programme Card, Monthly Newsletter and Lecture Synopses

Full Membership to The Arts Society additionally entitles you to:

  • Receive ‘Review’ Magazine four times a year, The Arts Society’s glossy magazine
  • Membership of the National Association (The Arts Society)
  • Participate in The Arts Society Area and National Events
  • Concessions on entrance fees to a number of museums and galleries nationwide

'Review' provides news of The Arts Society activities nationally and an idea of what is available for members’ participation, including courses at both national and local level. The 'Review' also carries details of offers and concessions available upon production of your The Arts Society membership card.

Download a copy of our Constitution.

Members' Guests

Members are encouraged to bring guests to lectures. Living in Cornwall, we all tend to receive a lot of visitors, so bring them along, they will be made welcome. This is also a good way to introduce people to the society. It is important that you contact the Membership Secretary by email at membership@theartscocietyfalmouth.org or by phone on 01872 870536 before the lecture to make sure that space is available. Guests pay £10 per lecture. Our policy restricts a named guest to three visits in a given Membership Year.

Please note if you click on the email link and it does not automatically open up a new email for you, you can send an email in your usual way addressed to membership@theartscocietyfalmouth.org

Other activities

There is also the opportunity for members to become involved in Church Recording and Heritage Volunteering. Click on the links to find out more about these potential areas of interest.