Heritage Volunteers, Children's Trails & Young Arts

Heritage Volunteers

Research and conservation is central to the Heritage Volunteer activities our members undertake.

Conservation and preservation of our heritage are tremendous burdens on the limited resources of museums, National Trust properties, historic houses, libraries and gardens. Volunteers help them in non-specialist but vital ways by caring for collections, recording documents, guiding and stewarding. Heritage Volunteers help to keep them accessible for all.

The Arts Society Falmouth has been involved with projects such as costume conservation at the Helston Folk Museum, and documentation of the Jewish Cemetery in Falmouth. One of the longest running and still active project is at the Bartlett Library, National Maritime Museum, Falmouth.

In February 2016, two new groups of Heritage Volunteers started their projects. One is focused on the churchyard of St Mawnan Church, the other is researching the history of the importation of exotic plants through the ports of Falmouth and Penryn.

All groups work with enthusiasm and expertise and their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Museums. We are pleased to say that our teams have gained National Recognition for their work and in 2016, a Falmouth DFAS Volunteer won a prestigious National Award.

To see in more detail the work that has been and is currently being undertaken, select from the menu,  click on the links below or here for the Helston Museum.

The Society currently has four active groups of Heritage Volunteers :

If this sort of activity appeals to you, then we are always keen to have more members involved in these and potentially other projects.

To find out more and how you can get involved, then contact our Volunteers Representative volunteers@theartssociety.org.

Please note if you click on the email link and it does not automatically open up a new email for you, you can send an email in your usual way addressed to volunteers@theartssociety.org

Children's Trails

Children’s Trails encourage youngsters between 8-12 years to explore places of worship in the company of an adult to discover the treasures to be found there.  They introduce children to art, architecture, history and furnishings by following an interactive guide around the church prompting exploration of the stories behind the animals and people represented in the church iconography. Children’s Trails are produced by a sociable team of volunteers, each bringing their own skills but also having the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about churches and their history.

This is a relatively new activity for The Arts Society Falmouth, our first project was at King Charles The Martyr in Falmouth. Click here for some information on the Trail.

If anyone would like to create a trail for their Church or if you know of a church that might welcome such a trail, please contact the Volunteers Representative.

Young Arts

Young Arts volunteers fundraise and give grants to arts projects for children and young people in their local area. In a time of cuts and changes to the national curriculum, this has never been more important. This group of volunteers aims to give more children and young people access to the arts.

Working with schools, museums and youth groups, Young Arts volunteers support a wide range of projects. They are passionate about the benefits that creativity and arts education can bring to children in early life and adolescence.

The Arts Society Falmouth, has been involved with several projects including;

If anyone would like to suggest suitable Young Arts Projects, please contact the Volunteers Representative.