The Arts Society — Membership Benefits

The Arts Society

Our umbrella organisation, offers a wide range of online, printed content and other activities that will be of interest to members. They have their own website which can be found here.

Below is some of the things they do for members.

The Arts Society Online lectures – (2 per month)

Enjoy the arts at home with a series of films by Arts Society Accredited Lecturers.

Members are encouraged to participate with comments via the Forum.

Titles have included:

  • Venice: Dressed and Undressed - Sarah Dunant
  • Las Meninas, Velázquez - Jacqueline Cockburn
  • The 1960s: Revolution in Glass - Mark Hill
  • The Anatomy of collecting - Antiques Roadshow’s Marc Allum
  • Turner and the £20 Note – Nicola Moorby
  • Aboriginal Art - recording the Dreamtime - Rebecca Hossack
  • Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fit of Rage - Sandy Burnett

Instant Expert – (2 per month)

Receive an expert’s opinion so you too can become an expert!

Titles have included:

The Arts Society Connected

Forum & Blog - Let's Talk
Share ideas and interests.  There is also an area specifically designated for Falmouth members to communicate with each other.

Monthly Highlights Newsletter

Receive the latest news and stories from the world of The Arts.

Each month offers a different perspective on what is happening both in the world of the Arts and The Arts Society itself.

The Arts Society Magazine

Receive 3 issues a year by post. The Arts Society Magazine is packed with exclusive features, interviews, news and opinions from the arts world.

The Arts Society Web Site

Your online access to The Arts Society with all the latest information, interviews, news and opinions from the arts world and The Society itself.