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Lectures, Special Interest Days and Visits

Our core activity is the 10 lectures per year. We aim to provide entertaining, educational and often amusing talks of the highest quality, delivered by professional lecturers from academic, media and literary backgrounds. These are complemented by special interest days (which allow us to explore a subject in more depth), visits and guided tours.

These lectures are normally presented live on the 2nd Friday of the month. In light of the covid-19 pandemic from September 2020 the new programme of lectures will be available to you to view online, and when the Committee feels the time is right to resume holding these at the Pavilion, you will have the option of either continuing to enjoy the lectures online at home, or to attend them in the theatre when the Princess Pavilion becomes available.

This will allow for room for social distancing in the theatre and enable those of you who need to self-isolate to get the full benefit of the lectures.

Volunteering and Research

We provide support to the arts and heritage world through our volunteering projects.

Members can make new friends and socialise whilst learning new skills and making a difference within our local community.

Project ideas come from our members, and we are open to suggestions which have included creating a leaflet of a tour of Mawnan Smith Churchyard (seen here), research into plant importation via Falmouth, and Theatre of WW1.

See our full range of volunteering activities here.

Mawnan Churchyard Walk Leaflet


The Society awards grants to individuals and organisations. The range of activities funded include: Art Acquisition (helping the Falmouth Gallery), Student Support (Travel and Internship), Young Arts (materials and artists support).

See our full range of volunteering activities here.

Mural in Falmouth


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