You have chosen to install for an iPad, iPhone.

If that was incorrect then Click Here and you can select again. Please read all the instructions described as ‘The 4 Steps’ before watching the video.

The 4 Steps

1 - This video will show you what happens when you click the START THE INSTALL button in step 4. Click the play button to watch.

2 - You can watch it again, as many times as you want.

3 - Written Instructions are available to print here as well, if you feel that would be useful.

4 - Having watched the video and possibly printed the instructions it is time for you to install Zoom.

When ready to start you will have to go into the App Store from your iPad or iPhone and download the Zoom Cloud App appropriate for the iPad or iPhone.

Having Installed Zoom - Run a Test

You can test out your set-up Click Here.