Getting ready for Zoom


On the recommendation of the umbrella organisation The Arts Society we will be using Zoom to bring the Falmouth live lectures to you. You may well have heard of Zoom, it has almost become the industry standard for meetings and online lectures. The equivalent of ‘Hoover’ to describe a vacuum cleaner!

It is safe, secure, and perfectly easy to use. You can watch the lecture very simply with great clarity of image. We can hand hold you through the complete experience.

Already using Zoom

If you're already using you Zoom and that's really good news and it should be familiar to you stop an important note to note make is that your probably most likely to be familiar with using a Zoom meeting . The live online lectures will actually use a Zoom webinar. There are differences between a Zoom meeting and a zoom webinar and to ensure that you're happy with the differences you may want to look at the video described us see how to join the webinar.

  1. Test out your setup
  2. See how to join a webinar

Not using Zoom

If you're not using Zoom it's not a problem we can help you get your windows computer , Mac computer , iPad or Android device set up and ready to use it.

Once you have done the set-up, you can then test that out then in step three see what's involved in joining an online webinar.

  1. Set Up for Zoom
  2. Test out your setup
  3. See how to join a webinar

Having watched the video, click on the Test Zoom Button. If that happens you are good to go!

If you have any problem, try the install again, find a teenager or send an email to!